Tunnels technology

Comprehensive security, design, installation and servicing of technological equipment for tunnels

Voltatech is one of the top companies in Central Europe that has work with technologies and equipment for tunnel facilities in its portfolio. The range of services provided begins with the preparatory and design phase, which smoothly transitions to the supply and installation of complete technological equipment of tunnels, its commissioning and ends with warranty and post-warranty service throughout the life of the technology.

In the first place, the services we offer are innovation and security. We follow the latest state-of-the-art technology trends offered by the market and the ever-increasing security requirements. The technologies we have chosen and installed are among the safest and most innovative on the market.

Scope of project services

  • Design, delivery, installation, revitalization and service of complete tunnel technology
  • Establishment of a construction site with the supply of temporary transformer stations and comprehensive provision of electrical operation
  • The company has all the certificates and permits to perform mining activity.

List of tunnels

  • Tunnel Poľana
  • Tunnel Svrčinovec
  • Tunnel Považský Chlmec
  • Tunnel Ovčiarsko
  • Tunnel Žilina
  • Tunnel Prešov